How to set up the home network with the router?

Nowadays routers become most popular that’s why most of the houses are also using the routers to get the better internet connection. If you don’t know that how you can set up the home routers then no need to get worried. You will get the guide with your router in which everything is including like how to get to router settings.

If you are using the router for your home, then you should not get the more expensive and fancy models. You should use the fancy and expensive models if you use it for office. There are some steps which you should follow to install the routers for your house.

Step 1-

If you are going to set up, then you should turn all the devices. You have to connect the one end of the modem and the other one to the router if you have the modem. If you are using the wireless internet, then you don’t require many things. Just need to connect the adapter which is on the back of the router.


After connecting the modem, you have to turn on your modem, router, and the device. They take a few minutes to boot up.


You should get the CD with your router then you will run them and do that exactly which they tell you. Have to follow the directions. They tell you to open the IP address; if you have an account, then they will ask you about your username and password.


Then they take some time to get your network more secure. If you want to reduce the risk of the hack, then you should change the id and password. After this, you must click on the apply and then save settings and then log off.

These are the following steps which help you to learn how to get to router settings for your home.